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We are different from your typical Oracle maintenance Consultants

Personalized Solutions

At ColoradoRiver we don’t believe in ‘one-size fits all’. We believe in creating personalized solutions for all our customers to deliver up front benefits and a practical roadmap for continued improvement.

Open Cloud Technology

Using ColoradoRiver means no vendor lock-in. Our software allows you to pick the best solution for your business. Our team can help plug any gaps to create tailored solutions for your business.

Industry Leading Experts

With combined experience of over 100 years our team of consultants know this industry like the back of their hand. They are ready to lead you to success!

We know Just what your Business Needs

We create solutions. We work with our customers to understand their
needs.  Using a combination of consulting and software products we build
solutions for the real world.

At ColoradoRiver, we capitalize on the synergy of our team of experts
unmatched architecture knowledge, the flexibility and intelligence of our
advanced software, and our expertise in asset management workflow.

We Understand Your Needs

ColoradoRiver is constantly working to develop the best solutions for all your needs. We are in the process of designing and developing some exciting new features. Stay tuned for updates, and contact us to learn more about how this software can work for you!

Cornerstone and Arrow

Unlike anything on the market - stay tuned for more updates!

What You Get when you use ColoradoRiver

Using ColoradoRiver’s services means your operation will perform better as a whole. We utilize the River’s cloud based open integration software, which means no vendor lock-in and tangible results for your business.

An increase in production

See an increase in your production with better planning, fewer product outages and less break-in work, when using ColoradoRiver.

Better inventory management

Improve your inventory management through reduced stock-outs, and a reduction in spares inventory with our services & solutions.

Improved asset management

ColoradoRiver will help you improve your assets lifespans, as well as reduce your repair costs with our innovative solutions.

A safer work environment

Improve your company’s overall safety and reduce risk, with the proper management of safety & permitting requirements.

How We Can Support Your Success

Personalized Consulting Services

Our expert consultants will create personalized solutions for your business

Innovative River Integration System

Open River integration layer allows us to easily incorporate third-party solutions

Modern thinking & Robust Services

Our services will help you and your team start streamlining your process.

Our Partnerships Help Us deliver the results You want

Our portfolio has been designed to meet the needs of demanding maintenance organizations.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance is a connected, smart maintenance management solution. Powered by advanced technologies, it enables predictive maintenance and helps you increase reliability and uptime while reducing overall costs.

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